Frequently Asked Questions

Stabler Pathways continues a legacy that began almost one-hundred years ago and overlaps with the rich history and amazing expansion of the Lehigh Valley region. 

What is Stabler Pathways?

Stabler Pathways is an innovative development initiative in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. It’s a unique mix of established businesses, acres of developable land, and protected green space tied together through a network of connected paths and surrounded by Center Valley's gorgeous, pastoral landscape.

Where is Stabler Pathways located?

Stabler Pathways covers 1,000+ acres between I-78, route 309, and the southern slope of South Mountain. The area offers convenient access to the Northeast corridor - it's less than an hour and a half drive from Philadelphia and New York City - and is home to some of the Lehigh Valley's biggest and most popular employers and retail destinations.

What is a connected community?

As a connected community, Stabler Pathways offers a place where business, social, and academic paths intersect in interesting ways.


What kind of amenities are available at Stabler Pathways?

Stabler Pathways is home to some of the area’s biggest and most popular employers and destinations. With convenient access to over 30 corporate employers, top-notch shopping and dining, and distinguished educational and healthcare institutions, Stabler Pathways will make a great place to live and thrive.

How did Stabler Pathways get its name?

Stabler Pathways is named after Don Stabler, one of Pennsylvania’s most prominent developers and philanthropists. In the 1940’s he created Stabler Companies, Inc.; one of the region’s most notable construction firms and employers and a significant contributor to the Lehigh Valley’s growth and prosperity in the last half-century. 

Today, Don Stabler’s foundational work in creating Stabler Corporate Center is being expanded on through the business, social, educational and commercial opportunities at Stabler Pathways.

Is Stabler Pathways walkable?

Sections of Stabler Pathways are walkable, such as the Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley, but much of it is best navigated by a vehicle. As Stabler Pathways evolves and grows every effort is being made to increase walkability and connectivity. 

Are there nearby hiking or nature trails for outdoor enthusiasts?

Yes, Stabler Pathways is surrounded by green areas that are perfect for outdoor activities. There are also many parks and nature trails nearby dedicated for hiking, walking and running.

Are there development opportunities at Stabler Pathways?

Yes, contact us to learn more.

How can I stay updated on community news and events?

There’s always something new happening at Stabler Pathways. Check our resources page for the latest news and developments.

Questions or Inquiries?

Stabler Pathways is bringing a different kind of living, learning, and working experience to the Lehigh Valley.

Help us make it amazing.