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Seeking a new career path. Pursuing further education. Restoring your well-being. Exploring your passions. Whatever you’re after, Stabler Pathways is where you’ll find it. 



Stabler Pathways is a dynamic and inclusive environment for fostering personal growth and a stronger sense of community. A place that takes the biggest parts of life – work, school, healthcare, and good living – and puts them within walking distance of one another. It’s not a city. It’s not a campus. It’s a new type of community for building connections.



With an average of 8,000 students graduating each year, education takes center stage at Stabler Pathways. Our top-tier institutions and wide range of academic resources equip our community members with the skills, knowledge, and network to grow.



Among the best places in the Lehigh Valley to work, Stabler Pathways is home to a range of growing businesses and corporate HQs. Workers get convenient access to dining and shopping, acres of beautiful, protected green space, and a network of paths to explore it all.



Health is wealth. Our nationally-ranked healthcare and rehabilitation facilities ensure the people in the Lehigh Valley and beyond have access to the highest-quality medical and mental healthcare, education, and preventative services.

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